Thursday, April 17, 2014

Origami Bulldog Bookmark and Darling Corgi

 Bulldog Instructions

These super adorable little guys are going to be so much fun to make! I am psyched!  The links posted beside the pictures lead to video directions on how to do each craft individually. 

On the page for the bulldog Jessica (the lady over at HOWABOUTORANGE.BLOGSPOT.COM) says that she used a  5'" square craft paper envelope to have the brown color on both sides of the paper.  I have 2 separate links below for this project (in case you needed them) of textured paper one is like the paper bag style above, the other is a nice marbled grey.  One could print the "scrapbook paper" on both sides for the solid effect. (or use a piece of paper bag...)

 For the corgi it seems that orange and one side and white on the other side seemed to be a must! I have found the loveliest vintage style orange textured paper, you will find the link below.  Of course this color would only have to printed on one side as to leave the blank or white on the back to give this cutie her/his white accents.


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