Friday, April 11, 2014

Printable Directions for "Child Abuse Prevention" Pinwheels


April is "CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH".  The blue pinwheel has become the tiny spokesperson for the tiniest of us, and it is "blooming" everywhere! :)

Though child abuse is nothing to smile about; these shiny, spinning, innocent wonders stand as a reminder to the innocent wonders that are our young and kids are something to smile about! :)  This is a cause that I am sure is not only near and dear to my own heart, but to most people with a heart.  Please help, it costs nothing, but can do so much!!!

All around this great country this month people are staking their pinwheels alone or in groups (often as big as a field) to show the "gardens" of love that they are "growing" in order to get the message across.  Many homes, schools, businesses, churches, and even taxi cabs have found a place for one, two, or a whole "garden" of these pinwheels to be seen so that they may spread the word about this very tragic cause!  Below I have placed a link to printable directions to make your own pinwheel. Repeat, these are directions, there is not a print and cut version that I can find.  But these are really simple steps involving only construction paper, scissors, a push pin and a pencil with an eraser.

Please print and hand out as many as you have ink and paper for and hand them out to students, neighbors, friends, employees, employers, the cashiers at the local grocery people on the street, EVERYONE!At the very least, print out just one, the use it to make your own and pass it on.  This is real guys, and it really needs to be addressed!  Will you help get the word across?...Even one LITTLE pinwheel in ONE window sill, in a TINY flowerpot can make a  BIG difference..Please & Thank you, with much love  -Stephanie Corchado-Castaneda   <3

You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time... --Charles Bukowski

PS. these directions are totally printable and free, but there are many sites around the internet and many stores around the country selling these for a small amount, and the proceeds are for a good cause. So, if you don't want to make your own or just want to/and are able to give in a monetary fashion please do.  It's only a "Google", "Bing", "Yahoo", etc. search away, or as close as your local retailers. But know that whether it's hand made, or purchased, these send a powerful message and that message remains the same, and it's all from the heart.  And that's what really matters!   <3   The smallest action can be the biggest contribution, and just by place one pinwheel anywhere that it can be seen.....,you may be making a huge difference!


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