Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Printable Emotions Game Autism

Children with Autism often have difficulty recognizing and identifying emotions. They often miss the facial cues that other people rely on to gauge the moods of others. This printable emotions game is designed to help identify emotions on the faces of others.

How to use this game:

Print one copy of Emotions Bingo from either the PowerPoint or PDF file you downloaded. Cut out the blue circles on the last page. Call out the name of an emotion and challange your child to place the blue circle in the correct spot. The child wins when either all of the emotions are covered or when three emotions in a row are covered (your choice.)

Other Uses:

Print one copy of emotions Bingo. Cut apart the game and use the squares as flash cards. Have the child draw various faces (happy, sad, disgusted) on the blue circles and match them with the flash cards.

I would not consider this a begining game for a child with Autism. I would suggest introducing emotions in the form of PECS first. This game serves to bridge between PECS and real life interpretation of emotions.

FYI: Images were obtained from Flikr under the Creative Commons, modify, adapt, build upon, and commercial licenses where ever possible. If an image belongs to and you would like it removed please contact me.


ABCTEACH: Has a nice collection of free printables for that would be useful in teaching emotions to autistic children available in several languages. My favorite flashcards on thier site are here.

Austim-PPD.net: Has an active and wonderfully educational forum devoted to autism and PPD. Many great members work hard to provide each other with the resouces they find. Here is a fabulous post giving links to emotion games and learning activities.

Edupics: Has some cute printable coloring pages focused on emotions. A lot of the pages have an Anime feel and would be suitable for a slightly older child.

Do2Learn: I can't say enough about Do2Learn and thier AWESOME printables. But, have you checked out thier games? The "Feelings Game" is an awesome companion to FreePrintableFun's Emotion Bingo and "Facial Expressions" is a great way for kids to learn how to identify a person's emotions.

This interesting printable from TeacherVision has children draw a face to match the feelings described in the sentence below. These flashcards from Happy Discipline are a quick print.

Enchanted Learning: Is a subscription site, but they do have nice printables. The printables are very well done, but I come across so many free printables that I haven't found justification for subscribing. However, if you are low on time this might be the one stop shop you've always dreamed of.

MES-English: Again, this site, which was orginally design to teach english as a second language, shows how well designed thier learning materials really are. They are perfect for teaching autistic children!

PictureSET: Actually, I couldnt' find PECS for emotions on here, but I bet they are. There are SO MANY AWESOME visual aides that would work great for autistic children on this site, for free, that it's really unbelievable and deserves a special mention.


atelier jax said...

Jamie Sue,
I used your game for emotions bingo. BRAVO, great job. Only suggestion is maybe adding the same images with no text as two more pages. My kid knows how to read and although - I do not know if it matters one way or the other. Really understanding the nuances of a facial expression with no text is probably a good test too. PS - I also asked for him to act it out afterwards - and that was successful. Thanks for addressing more difficult expressions like disgusting too. More, more, more! Thanks again - your contributions are well appreciated! jax

Jax Chachitz said...

Jamie Sue,
I cannot keep up with you! You are phenomenal.
Just wanted to tell you that my son absolutely LOVES your emotion bingo game. Every morning and afternoon this past week - he wants to play, find the various expressions. He has even rediscovered some old emotion books that relate to facial expressions. His speech is just blossoming! Thank you again. jax

Liam said...

Thank you so much for this information. I am having so many issues with my son although not diagonised with autism but I still face daily problems of pushing and hitting and need some ideas how to help him visually because he is very visual. Thank you for giving me an avenue to turn to because it is very isolating at times. Thanks again.


Teach Early Autism said...

Thanks for all the awesome resources! I just created a sorting activity for emotions with pictures of real people. The board is color coded and it's a free printable I posted on my blog. I am hoping to share with others that might be able to use it! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I can't print this.... Is there another link? It looks v good!

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