Saturday, April 12, 2014

Self Regulation Scale

Mood Swing Chart, Healthy Behavior Chart

Self Regulations Scale

This free printable emotional tool is set to help pinpoint what is going on in this moment with you child, and has tips and suggestions for how to "get back to the green", which is the "cool, calm, and relaxed" category.  This was designed for children with Autism (and looks to be a wonderful tool!),  but when I looked at it I saw a much broader spectrum.  My child is a run-of-the-mill kid-o who like ALL children has temper tantrums from time-to-time.  I  have a niece who has been diagnosed with ADHD, I am making a print out for her parents when I get done here.
I think that maybe if we concentrate more on how to get calmed down than by doing what my parents did (which was to get madder than me when I was being having a fit) and making things much worse often times, just maybe we can get EVERYONE  back-to-the-green! :)

(There is also an option for downloading in BOARDMAKER so that you can edit the chart to meet the individual needs of your child.)



Jamie Austin said...

I'm using this with Daaks right now. I printed it about two weeks ago (don't remember where I found it, but glad you did). It DOES help. It helps him visualize his emotional state.

Stephanie Corchado-Castaneda said...

It came from: Someone sent me a link and I just got around to it. I love it! I am glad to know that it is actually helpful. Sometimes some things look like they should be, and in theory are, but as they say, "The proof is in the pudding", sometimes we get winners and sometimes we keep looking... lol. It feels good to know we are posting links to things that really do work and can help to make a difference! :)