Friday, April 18, 2014

Free Printable Slip-in Luggage Tags

Luggage Tag Slip-in Cards

There are 6 styles, 9 tags/cards on this one page PDF file.  There should be a design to please just everyone in your crew. :) And it's as simple as: download/open, print, cut.  Fill in the necessary information on your chosen tag then just slip it into the luggage tag holder that hangs from your luggage handle.  If your luggage has no tag holder blank clear plastic ones are fairly inexpensive at chain stores or local grocers, and some pharmacies.   Or, one could always be a super thrift like me and laminate the filled out card, use a hole punch on the middle left hand side and then slip a pull-tie right on through there and bingo...baggage tag! :)      

These are standard sized. (2.35" X 4.16")        


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