Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taking "TBT" Back To The 80's

Throwing back to the days of my youth...the AWESOME 80's!

Today we have up for grabs some really cool royalty free clipart that that may be able to be done up as an iron-on, or use it on some good ol' stationary, or put it on any craft!  It's cool!  Here there's the link Dude: Old School Joystick Clipart  *I don't have a picture up for it..but it is exactly what it says.  It has the words "Old School" and a clipart pic of a joystick...This Rocks!!!

Movin' on down the line we have this lovely sheet of cassettes...What are you ever going to do with that?..I don't know! But when you figure it out make one for me too! (or at least share a picture or tell us about it or something)   ;) 

And last, but surely not least.....dadadadumm...Oh yes, a black and white full page of pacman ghosties!!!....Like Totally Rad Man!..Give me five, on the side, in the hole....LOL..anyhow, here they are : PacMan Ghost Paper . Use these to wrap a Throw-Back-thursday gift for a co-worker, scrapbook paper-time, use them as a mat for a photo craft or make on of those paper bowties that are really hard to make, but really-totally-super-bad-awesomely awesome!..have fun with it! :)


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