Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Classiest "Cinco De Mayo" Decorations That The Whole "FREE-DIY-INTERNET-LAND" Has To Offer!

Quick Spanish-to-English Lesson:  Cinco = five(in this case fifth), de=(in this case) of, Mayo = May (as in the calendar month, not someone's name). Thus turning "Cinco de Mayo" to "Fifth of May".

Much like our (in the U.S. of A.) 4th of July, Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day, I am putting in a link at the end of this paragraph that DOES NOT lead to free printables, but I am sure that one could print it if they wanted to.  It is a brief history on the holiday that is much more complete than what I can tell you, and it's just for those who are interested.          History of Cinco de Mayo

On to the FREE PRINTABLE goodies...

First stop on this awesome-train-of-awesomeness is the "FIESTA BANNER".  I would like to suggest using the "pom-pom"ed border from discount stores like Walmart,Dollar Tree, etc. or using plain old dollar-a-bag pop-pom's from same said discount store. Likewise the mini-clothes pins could be big ones from, again, a discount retailer.

Colorful Fiesta Banner.

Second stop on the coolness express is at the36avenue(dot)com (the link is below) for these delightful fiesta toppers, perfect for cup cakes or appetizers!

Now for the fireworks!  At this stop we have "mini pinatas"! How cool is that!?!? Check them out too, they are all classy and pretty, but still allow for a mess to be made...What fun!!! So, just click any or all of these three links to get started       --->Striped Mini Pinata., Green Triangle Mini PinataGold Polk-a-dot Mini Pinata    

NOTE: I had to dig around for directions, simply fold on lines and glue/tap at tabs BUT if you want to actually fill them, you need to fill them when only one tab remains open, and before closing last tab firmly attach a small (maybe 3 inches in length total) string (maybe yarn or thick thread) to one flap towards the end of said flap, so that when pulled your goodies can explode out. Then finally (definitely before pulling string), close last remaining flap. Leave this page open or bookmark it if need be for directions to finish project. :)

Next stop is at the Bingo Hall for some good old fashioned AMIGO BINGO  fun!  You fill in the blanks, then play, play, play!!!

I hope that these free printable projects help you and yours to have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo celebration!




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