Sunday, April 13, 2014

The "I HATE MONDAYS" Collection

I hate Monday, Garfield, Monday face is Sunday. Which means that God willing and the creek don't rise, tomorrow is Monday.  I don't mind Monday so much, my kid is too little to go to school, I blog/work(lol) from home.  The only way that it is marked for me any different form any other day is that weather permitting my husband goes away for 10 or more hours, allowing me to actually get some house work done that has more than likely slipped through to the cracks over the weekend.  BUT I am aware that many people absolutely LOATHE Mondays.  So, I have gathered up a  PRINTABLE "I HATE MONDAY" MINION MEME that you can hang over your work area or adorn you refrigerator door with, as well as printable sheet music for the song "I DON'T LIKE MONDAY" by BOOMTOWN RATS, and the piece de la resistance BUILD AND PRINT YOUR OWN GARFIELD COMIC STRIP!

Get a head start on Monday and strike first!  


UPDATE: Just made my own Garfield comic.  There is not only the option for a 3 panel, but for just one clip (soft of like  a make-my-own-meme.)  It was so cool!  I'm not trying to brag (I am succeeding at but my strip was totally print worthy!!!  It really is worth the whole 5 minutes it takes to pick stuff, place stuff, say stuff, print! :)


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