Friday, April 18, 2014

The Unauthorized Walking Dead (AMC) Fan Crafting Extravaganza!

AMC's WALKING DEAD  fans seem to be everywhere!  When I log into my Facebook account I see 10 memes looking me dead in the eye everyday.  So, I say to myself (as I am prone to do), "Self, these folks really do miss this show! We have do something to help them over this hump..., after all October is a long way off from April!" (Yes, I do talk to myself in EXTREME third person.)  So, here is me helping friends...

This one is awesome and tricky (only tricky if you are wanting to print.) Want to CREATE YOUR OWN WALKING DEAD MEME? <--------just click there!  These fan-created memes are actually to entered into a contest but if you would like to print before you enter simply create your fantastic meme (pick a picture, name it, caption it), and just before you submit it place your cursor (mouse arrow) over the picture, right click on the image and choose the print option.  After printing remember to submit your meme.  You just might be the next big winner! :)

This one is almost cute.  It falls into our "EXTREME PRINTABLES" catagory.  This is a 3-D Paper Desk Zombie. How cool is that?!?!  Even better than him being sort of cute in a really gross way is that his mouth goes up and down to chew! Clever, huh?

Now for my favorite (it comes from a children's site (, but you will get the drift of it...Here are some FLOWERS THAT YOU SHOULD NOT STOP TO SMELL.  It is a very easy print, cut, place craft.  I couldn't find an acceptable printable put for these flowers, so I whipped one up, here's the link for that --->Printable Flower Pot PDF.  These will set flat, like to hang on the refrigerator or wall.  Still cute though, and I right?!?!

Making all of these crafts can take some time...and that is a good thing...October is still 4 months away!...I suggest making A LOT of these!!! :)


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