Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Water Proof Water Bottle Labels

Let's cut out of some of the bickering this summer, "Sally is drinking my water!", "No, it's MINE!", "NOOOO IT'S NOOOOT!", "Prove it!" (did she just stick her tongue out!?!)

Okay, we all know that it is important to keep hydrated year round, but especially when it is hot!  And your kids (or the kids that you have around that don't belong to you but you are sure that you should get a tax break for because they obviously don't have a home outside of yours) are probably just like my nieces; they don't get why you have to drink water when you just get out of the were just IN water, right?!?! LOL Anyhow, but then there is the huge fight over who had the dented bottle, who's was fuller, etc.
The INSANITY stops here! (okay, this fixes only one of those issues; it's still on you to explain why they still need to drink plenty of fluids.)

This download is a editable template so that you can name the owner, name the drink, what have you.  Make it fun too, like maybe saying "Harold's H2O" or "Jackie's Jammin' Juice" (there is no rule saying that this can only be used for water bottles!)

...And, when you see how easy waterproofing is, yes, well..I, at least felt rather silly for not having that one figured out before I saw it! :)

So, Happy Hydrating, Happy Printing!

Note: Could come in handy at parties for bottles, plastic cups, and/or cans as well...just leave a sharpy and the tape gun beside the stack of printed and cut labels (or have them in the kitchen for the adults to mark the youngster's drinks.)


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