Thursday, April 24, 2014

William Shakespeare's Birthday Missed (more graphic than we usually do)

Many of you may already know that William Shakespeare's 450th birthday was yesterday (April 23, 2014)...We missed it here at Free Printable Fun For Everyone.  I founded a poetry/literary group in high school, and Jamie is a literature major.  We Failed.  But to be honest (don't hate us please), neither of us are huge Shakespeare fans, but Jamie is a Trekkie...soooo, this is our homage to Jamie's favorite William (the great Bill Shatner) slaying William Shakespeare ...I am grinning, and that is mean.  NOTE: THIS IS A VIDEO, NOT A PRINTABLE...WE JUST LIKE IT. OH, IT'S STILL FREE THOUGH...

(Thanks MASHABLE for the lego awesomeness that we are about to see!)

...and of course belated Happy Birthday to William Shakespeare


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Jamie Austin said...

OMG! That was EPIC. I love that Patrick Stewart got in on the act. Ha! I'm punny! Have you seen Hamlet with Stewart and Tenant? To die for.