Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wind, Lightning, Kites, Ben Franklin Learning Collections, Oh My!

Here in my old Kentucky home (literally, it's old) I have woke to the sounds of wind and lightning more times in the past few weeks than I care to mention.  Twice now my lights have  been out for an hour or more, and today is very overcast so I am not sure how long the juice will stay on today.  All of this being said, when I was looking for something to blog about today I though..hmm...BEN FRANKLIN! The genius  with a key and kite, the father of electricity and much, much more.

I wasn't sure what all I would be able to find that was both "free" and "printable", but the internet love's "free & printable Ben"! (Except for when it's his face and it's on money, we have older post free-printable-play-money-beware which will give you more insight on that one.)  Back to the subject at hand; I found a wealth of great teaching aids on the life, accomplishments, quotes, inventions, etc. of Mr. Benjamin Franklin.  I have several links listed below to several different websites, grab up a copy of all of them! :)

These first two will go hand in hand, but I must warn that one is a downloadable digital presentation telling of the life and times of Benjamin Franklin, the other is a timeline that can be filled in as the presentation goes is played.  Here are the links for those: Digital Presentation B.F. Timeline , Timeline Worksheet.

The next item up for grabs is a The Animated Hero Classics Resource and Activity Book. This is based on the popular PBS cartoon series "Liberty's Kids".  It is a 40-something page printable activity book with Parent & Teacher Resource pages.  I love this!!!

Here are directions for making a "Putting Together Benjamin Franklin" kite.  This is cute interactive craft that has opening panels and and is sure to make learning fun!

The second to last things that I am listing are all from the same place, studenthandouts.com.  These are all separate links to black lettering on white page quotes from the man himself, and they have life lessons that I believe are worth posting on the bulletin board ALL year round! :)

Ben Quote #1       

Ben Quote #2

Ben Quote #3

And lastly, a cute Kite Puzzle brought to us by homeschool.about.com. It's just a print, cute, fit together piece, easy-peezy.  Great for all ages! :)

Happy Day, Happy Teaching, Happy Learning,  Happy Printing! :)


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