Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yes, Dad Would LOVE A New Pool Table For Father's Day!

Picture of Pocket Yard Pool Table, Mini Pool Table, DIY Pocket Pool Table
I was going though some of the old posts, and actually found this project in a Christmas post and I said to myself, "Self, this one is not just for Christmas! Father's Day is June 15...not so very far away, and what self respecting father doesn't carry a pocket sized pool table made from an Altoids can at all times?!?"  Am I right here people?!? Are you feeling me?

This is not an actually printable, but you could print the directions if you wanted to! :)

Honestly, I just thought that it was way to cool not to share (again), and most of the stuff is the stuff that find in the back of the sock drawer, or junk drawer (if your spouse allows you to have a junk/treasure drawer...*sigh*...mine says that I don't have junk drawers, I have junk chests...he is sooo not fun sometimes!)

Instructables Instructions For Pocket Sized Pool Table



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