Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bilingual (EN/SP) Free Printable File Folder Game (COLORS)

Okay, earlier I posted the English language version of the color board and matching medallions file folder game (here's a link to that game); and I promised to have a bilingual copy up ASAP.

I got right on it!  

Some of the pictures (non-character) pictures are the same, some are different.  (I saved badly, and had to start form scratch with the exception of the "faces".)

The directions for this are in Spanish, but it is so easy...Print, cut out all medallions(except for the ones on the 6 sectioned color board!), match colors!  

I posted this one as an original over at my personal blog (where I tend to put things that I make that mainly pertain to bilingual things, as it is properly name Life in ENGSPANOL.)  

Here is the link to the full write-up and the download:  BILINGUAL COLOR FILE FOLDER GAME 

I hope that these are useful for you and yours! :) 

**Summer means no more school, but it doesn't mean that we don't need to be prepared for next year! :)

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