Thursday, May 8, 2014

FPF's Free Printable Kid's Handheld Fans

This is a super easy "do-with-the-kids" craft, that are perfect kid size!
The images are doubled up so that the put together fan has both front and back images.
This is a simple print, cut, paste project.  Don't worry, the download come with complete instructions.

Things that you will need for this project:
*card stock (it holds up better)
*clear tape
*craft sticks (ice-pop sticks)

(The reason for the two sets of ice-pop fans is that those were the favorite with my nieces..., I try to keep down the, "I saw it first!" fights around here and figured that you might have that problem too! And if you are planning on printing both saves on ink (maybe).

Stay cool and HAPPY PRINTING!



Journeys of The Zoo said...

These look like such fun and perfect for four year olds. Thanks for sharing.

Do you have a twitter handle? I'd love to share this and tag you if do. You can find me @zoojourneys.

I found you from the Monday Linkup.

Besos, Sarah
Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

Stephanie Corchado-C. said...

Thank you so much Sarah! :) I feel silly in saying that you absolutely made my day by offering to share this and tag me...I never twittered..sad, right? LOL

I must have set up an account many moons ago though because I tried to create one just for this occasion and found that I already had set one up.

So, you (and any of you reading this..please..) I can be found at @stephucan on the twitter (how old did that sound?!?!...I am that old..) :) Heading out now to check out now, hope to see you here again! :)

--Stephnaie Corchado-C.

Mommy A to Z said...

What a great craft for preschoolers! Thanks for linking up at the Manic Mondays blog hop! This week's hop is live at Hope to see you there!