Monday, May 26, 2014

Free Color Learning Printables and Activities

My little guy is learning everything at one time!

He has a favorite ball, when I toss it I tell him, "Get the BIG. RED. BALL."
By describing the ball slowly and with emphasis on the descriptive words he has gathered that the ball is red.  He now recognizes the word red (not so much big.)  If I ask him if he wants to wear his RED shirt (he has one favorite character shirt and it is red, not the only red shirt, but he knows the one I mean), he will clap and open his shirt drawer! Sometimes he even manages to find it and bring it too me!

So now we are off to learn more than just one color!

In my endless search for free learning tools (I was born thrifty out of I am spoiled to it!) I came across numerous crafts, printing color pages, games, etc.  But I have found several really well thought out and practical ideas that I plan on using.  Maybe they will be helpful to you as well!

There is no particular order to these links, they are my "pick-of-litter" choices and they all are equally useful and wonderful in my opinion!

From Structured Play we have this bucket game that I think will be a fun way for my to build his cognitive skills with physical interaction and memory building play! And he gets exercise!  Not only is there a tutorial/how-to, there is a list of things that you may need to purchase and a link to the free printables that she used. (These printables are from Home School Creations.)

Structured Play's Color Learning Bucket Activity

From National Kindergarten Readiness we have these adorable yet simple animal pattern color flash cards.  I feel that the images sell the colors! These free printable cards have very child friendly, cartoony designs and I love that!

Lastly, here is a page with many varites of the color wheel from Mr. Printables.  There are eleven different "wheels" to choose from.  Some are black and white for your child to fill in (by coloring, or adding colored bits of candy, etc.) and others have full color for site learning.  They very from red, blue and yellow (primary colors) colored wheels, to a twelve sectioned tertiary color wheel (this has primary colors fading to the red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, yellow..) all the way from red, back to red.  There is also (which I have pictured below) a primary colors mix chart; the picture explains it all! (I own a lot of purple..this may be very helpful to us here my house!)    :)


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