Sunday, May 4, 2014

Free Printable Alphabet Magnet Pom-Pom Sheet

Carolynn over at Fab N' Free has done up this super nice craft that cost next to nothing (she even gives general prices for needed items and where to get them ie. Dollar Tree and Walmart!)  and is offering up a free download for the printables she used!

Thanks Carolynn!

These would be great for pre-school or early education classrooms, daycare play/learn time, home school classrooms, nursery/play rooms, or as a thoughtful and creative gift for weekender grandchildren...the lists goes on and on...

To make this craft you will need(minimally):

printed out images
cookies sheet ($1)
super glue ($1)
colorful pom-poms (3.50 or less if found at D.T.)
magnet sheets ($1)

* In a multi-user setting (daycare, classroom) I would probably laminate or use Carolynn's suggestion on using "sheet protectors" to prolong the life of the paper that is glued to the pan! You get to save two birds with one stone there...well, you know what I mean.

**Note from me: though magnet sheets are not expensive, we all have dozens of flat magnets that companies (or people that ran for office, etc.) give away just hanging around.  Many of these are old or out dated, or we don't really need 10 of the same pizza place advertisements chilling on our fridge. 
 For this project the magnets are placed at the bottom of pom-poms with glue so you only need a small circle or square of magnet, and no one will be the wiser because you don't really see the magnet! :)  When I do this later today or tomorrow for my neighbors daughter I am chopping up an old "Vote For -" magnet or seven! ...Only the thicker ones though, that still have good curly tailed magnets for this project!


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