Saturday, May 10, 2014

Free Printable "Baby's First Hair Cut Keepsake" Envelope

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 My little Dinky got his first hair cut yesterday.  I am really in the dumps about it!  My little guy had curls that fluffed out like a cloud; they were beautiful!

Summer heat is my new enemy; it forced me to clip the ringlets from precious boys head and now he looks like a big boy.  I just wasn't ready for that...

After having said all of that, I will tell you that with tears in my eyes I started searching for some cute envelope to save at least one of his little baby curls in.

Nothing.  Well, nothing that didn't cost a fortune!

So, I made me one.  And then I thought, if it's this traumatic for every other parent, maybe they could use something like this, too.  It takes the sting out a little to know that you have this precious little piece of your baby's history kept safe for you to pop open from time to time just to reminisce and it does look nice in the "Baby Box of Firsts", which I am sure I am not the only one to have.

With a heavy heart I offer up this little envelope to package that "baby gold" that is the locks that you have tended and watched grow since day one that you will treasure forever.

...and know that when that day come that your little one(s) get their first hair cut, it is okay to cry, and you are not alone!  Shoot, I am crying even know, thank goodness I know the keyboard!

Baby's First Hair Cut Keepsake Envelope Download and Directions


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