Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free Printable Color Learning File Folder Game By Stephanie

Recently I posted a wonderful list of color learning activities and games.  Let it be said that I had the idea of using some or all of these ideas from the post FREE COLOR LEARNING PRINTABLES AND ACTIVITIES to help teach my 18 month old son (Dinky) his colors.

I had the best of intentions at heart!
Come to find out, they were too advanced for his toddler mind.  
(They are still great for older or more advanced children though!)


Back to the drawing board!
So, I sat and thought, and thought and thought.  

Okay, this is what I knew going into this:  1. Dinky likes bright things.  2. Dinky likes cartoons (we don't do cable, so he has DVD's and only educational makes it easier to not only monitor the quality of the programming that he sees, but also the time that he spends watching it!)  3.  He is getting pretty good with jig-saw puzzles (9 pieces or less.)

((Light bulb))

I could find some recognizable characters, go to my horrid "paint" program and make my versions (I am cheap like that) of these characters in little circles like game pieces. (Note:  My very sad version of Sesame Street characters are probably not a threat to Sesame Workshop but I have to sat that any depiction that I have of these characters is in no way affiliated with Sesame Workshop or any other trademark holder...this project is free and only for your personal use, please don't sell it..yaddayaddayadda...Are we legal now? Okay.)

I could then make a matching game of some sort.  Which I did.  It is a 6 paneled board/page with the colors that I see on the "buy me" stuff from other sites (red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange.)

Then I decided to make it interesting by adding another set of medallions that had solid colors to match the board but with the words on them...

After that I just kept adding to the "medallions" until I had a whole set that would teach my boy from toddler hood until grade K.  And hopefully still be fun after that!  

It goes from matching the "monsters" with their common color, to the site words, to circles with various shades of these colors (some fall into more than one category), next up is solid/obvious colored pictures, and then pictures with multiple colors.  

That last one I just did to see what color stood out or why to my son.  On an apple tree I may see the red of the apples and place the round in the "red" area, but he may see the green of the leaves, or the brown of the trunk and place them in the spot that he sees fit...funny how perception is so individual!  :)

This PDF download File Folder Game comes with complete instructions page tacked on to the end.

For long term or multi-player (classrooms settings) use I would suggest laminating the board and pieces.  For printing quality I would suggest regular card stock or thicker.

Print out is 6 pages including 1 game board, 33 "medallions" (4 pages), and 1 instruction sheet.

Have fun and good luck with color learning! 

Will be posting on a Spanish/English version soon!


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