Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Printable "Doggy Addition" 1st Grade File Folder Game

I stopped in today over at to see what goodies they had that were either new, or I just hadn't gotten around to checking them out yet (new to me!)

I found this adorable file folder game that I thought that was put together exceptionally well!

There are five pages in the download (including the one sheet disclaimer.)  
It has two pages with cute little puppies that have addition problems on their tummies, one page has little bones, food dishes, tennis balls and dog tags with the answering sums.  The last page is the cover page which I have shown above.

For any home-school parent, elementary school teacher, remedial math teacher, or tutor these will be a nice addition to your teaching-tool-belt! :)
(I am so punny!)

Thank you Beth Gorden for generously sharing this wonderful Doggy Addition 1st Grade File Folder Game with all of us!



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