Friday, May 16, 2014

Free Printable Signs To Use Around The House (Spanish and English)


These little cuties do well for not only friends and family who come over and may speak either language.  But also if either language is the spoken language of people who may happen to come around and like-wise need to be informed.  For example, if you have a worker (lawn care professional, house painter, etc.) that may knock on your door who may speak only one of these languages.  Or maybe you have a neighbor that may pop by on occasion (same scenario), if the baby is sleeping...the sleeping baby sign could really save the day!

Then there are of course the other two signs, these can not only be functional around the home, but they would be great for say the community park in your residential area, or for use at the small business that you may work at.  

Grab these up...They are FREE! :) 


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