Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Kittie Kat Printable Stuffie" Pillow Making Craft

Now isn't that just the sweetest little thing that you ever did see?  

Did you know that they make and sell fabric sheets that have paper backing that goes into your inkjet printer like regular printer paper?!?!

They do!

I am loving this!

Okay, let's get to the meat and taters of the thing; this is an awesome pillow that you can make by downloading this "Kittie Kat" picture over a (the direct link is posted under the picture above), and then print it out on any of the paper mediums that she lists (there's the fabric paper, iron-on sheets, and regular printer paper options) and then following the directions that come with that paper choice then color, cut, sew and stuff!

Kids can help with this too, how great is that?!?!

(This is a age 3-age 99 likable gift idea as well!)

It's so cute and can be colored in any way that you like! (The product pictured above is finished, the printable image is black and white and you give it the colors and pizzazz that only you can do!)

I love personalize-able things!!! :)

Ms. Corfee, from one Stephanie to another..., I am now your biggest fan!  This is so cool! ((happy grin))

Happy Day, Happy Printing, Happy Pillow-Making-Fun!


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