Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Showing Some Wordle Love

I am a little behind the times I guess; until today I had never heard of "Wordle".  

I was checking over some keywords that our readers use when entering from a search engine, when this word "wordle" came up.  And then I said to myself (as you by now know that I am apt to do), "Self, what is a "wordle"?" and then I thought that maybe someone had made a spelling error, and then I laughed about the word "pron" in search functions (it is a vulgar thing that people are searching for, not fish), but it is known to be one of, if not THE most misspelled search "terms" on the whole internet! 

And I laughed!  I have a very sick sense of humor, I am sorry. ((said with a shamed look))

Being in the dark and curious, I decided to "google" the word and I found a really net wall-art-making-thing!

This Wordle was created by Jonathan Feinberg, and it is described as: "Wordle is a toy for creating "word clouds" from the text that you provide." (copied that directly from wordle.net )

I also looked in on other peoples blogs that have made these and some call the finished product "subway art".

Whatever it is that you call it, I love it!

The Wordle art that you see above is the one that I made for my son.  It was easy, I got to change fonts a hundred times, change the arrangements, colors, totally customized it to my liking!  And it printed with no problem!

The only drawl-back for me was that I could not save the image to my computer, only to a public domian.  I don't mind that really, and it is free so I really am not complaining!  

I did have to install Java for this, which I should have had anyway.

I am glad that I was nosy today, because it gained me a piece of wall art! :)

Here's the link to follow to make your own WORDLES


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