Saturday, May 10, 2014

Free Printable General "Thank You" Cards Link List

We at FPF have taken the notion to hunt down the best designed, most professional looking, free and printable "Thank You" cards that the world wide web has to offer.  There is no particular rhyme or reason to the listings for they are all great for their own reasons.  Happy hunting, happy printing...and "Thank You" for stopping in to view or selections!  :)

Here are 6 classically designed, beautifully put together "Thank You" cards with matching envelopes from Do-it-yourself-Invitations.
The pictures vary from vintage-style to whimsical and all are delicate and very pretty!  There is a step-by-step photo tutorial for getting these gems put together like a pro!

Got Free Cards has more than thirty designs in the "Thank You" card section.  Click the link above to see them.  I have chosen this water color image as the "spokes card" for the group because it makes me smile, but this is not the only style offered!  There are kiddy-cards, there are classically designed cards, a few vintage-ish styles as well as some more modern designs.  Truly something for everyone!

This little beauty from Greetings Island is one one of more than forty "Thank You" cards to chose from all at one site (5 pages of cuteness).  The styles differ greatly, this on is cutesy, others are more serious.  Some of the cards are general "thank you's" and others are more specific, covering: "Thanks for being there", "Thanks for making my day special", "Thanks for taking care of me" and that's just a start.  Pop on in and print out something wonderful!

Here at DELIA CREATES for the month of "Thanks" (November) they have offered up the three black and white, classic lines, intellectual-style cards.  In addition to this whimsical cross-word card there is one that is a chevron-type look  and the other I would say has more of a damask design.  Nice clean lines, great for personal, professional or general card giving! (Added bonus, there's very little color-ink needed for any of these!)

Over at Jenny Allsorts I found only this one "Thank You" card.  Though it was created for the holiday seasons (which it will be great for), I don't think that it should be limited to that! Elves are known to be helpful little guys (in my part of the world) and there are many collectors of these cute little imps!  So, if you know an elf collector this would be a great way to say, "Thanks!"  It is really nice to know that someone pays enough attention to your life to remember the little things! (Envelope not included, but card fits into standard greeting-card envelope.)

This awesomely cute "..thanks for your kindness" card  from Canon's Creative Park is one of forty-five of it's kind.  Again, there is a large variety to choose from.  I am taken with the cutesy ones but there are some that have a more serious look to them, there are some that are more adult (one that's quite a bit more adult; don't worry, there's no nudity), and some that are more classic in nature.  Many of them look expensive, some not so much, but they are all nice enough to warrant a look-see!

This fellow here is from Skip to my Lou.  It was my personal pick of the litter and I can't image any female not mooning over this one, and it has a masculine quality too!  It's got just enough spunk, and whimsy to be cute, and bold lines enough to strong.  I like it!

Dimensions of Wonder has this download in both blue and pink.  It has a soft, delicate look to it.  Though it's design is simple, it's look is elegant.

Meg of Olliegraphic has a bird-on-feather-design "Thank You" card up for grabs over at Oh My! Handmade Goodness. The actual print sheet has two (identical, half-sheet-to-make-two-squat-but-long- cards) cards to the page.  The card(s) in question have the bird-on-feather image and  the words "Thank You" on the cover.  The insides are blank.  There is a link to the printing instructions.  This is a real deal at the cost of "free" and "two-for-one"!

Penny Printables has this colorful ball of wonderful, and it's sister!  There are 2 cards, the one pictured here and another that is very similar but the other has more pink and a few other subtle differences.   There are several download options, including what kind of file (PDF or "save as") and there is also the option to print one card or two per page; how considerate! :)

I hope that you found something to your liking and/or to suite your needs!
Thank you for stopping by.  Happy Printing!



Jamie Austin said...

That is an excellent list, Stephanie.

Stephanie Corchado-C. said...

Thank you my dear. I wanted to pick the best in graphics and in words. Some "thank you" cards can be general, we have those. But there are some that should be personal, and I think that there is something for just about everyone! :)