Thursday, May 15, 2014

Where Is The "Conjunction Function" Button? Let's "Hook It Up"!

My young son is growing his vocabulary (he is 18 months old) and 2 and three word sentences are the thing! 
I clap and cheer on as he babbles, and I glow as he is growing and learning each and every day! Though I am so very proud of all of his accomplishments it often reminds me of just how fast he growing and how fast time flies...
Before I know it those two or three words that he is piecing together now will be full on questions, demands, complaints, jokes, etc.
We started flash cards for site words, and we practice all sorts of spoken words in both Spanish and English...soon enough it will be time to put all of these this together..can't wait for his first big-boy sentence.
Even after he has all of these single words that we have been working on the "conjunction" words come next. "And", "but", "or", "so" these and words like them are what make those sentences full. That being said, I am trying to get prepared...
I have dug around and found some things that I thought were not only well put together, but basic enough for when my little guy is ready (probably a another year or so, but I like to be prepared!)
This first one is from our friends over at Chapel Hill Snippets. The Friends Book-Introducing conjunctions has easy to identify pictures that tell a story about friends featuring the word AND.
There are also sentence building icons for hands on learning.  This is my top choice, but the others things that I have are also top notch!

Next up is a cute conjunction work sheet  from Study Champs.  In this work sheet there is no particular "conjunction" but many, including but not limited to "as", "but" and "while".  And the little caterpillar illustration at the top right corner  may help to get my guys attention so that we can get are funny like that!

The last thing that I am posting here is not a printable.  It is a YOU-TUBE clip.  I can't even think the word "conjunction" without hearing the song...and if you have a little age on you like I do, you are probably singing it either out loud or in your head right this second..oh yes..sing along.., "Conjunction Junction, What's your function?"...I am not alone here, right?!?!  Okay, they are showing clips of this so I had to add one on! Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar-Conjunction Junction Music Video

Best of luck to us all!


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