Sunday, June 8, 2014

Free Printable Realistic Play Money Learning Tools

Many of you know that we here at Free Printable Fun have had a a page of "gag" play money up for quite some time.  Jamie Sue wanted her little Daax to learn about money.  This works better if you are actually using "real" money.  Jamie, like most of the rest of the world, does not just have a load of cash laying around that she can just give up to a very young person to learn with while praying that he doesn't eat or shred the rent money!

She copied some money on her scanner, went to wherever the U.S. Gov. has it's legalities list of how you can legally "photo-copy" currency (it is highly illegal to recreate as-is, non-conforming to U.S. guidelines American currency at home or anywhere else, ever!  No-one wants to go to jail for being a counterfeiter!)  There is a large list of rules, but as I was trying to find the proper link my computer got all wack-a-doo and I am pretty sure that I just got on a government watch list....all for the love of education and trying to stay legal and keep you legal too!

Anyhow;  she changed up the levels of color, and size, and the ten-or-so other things that you have to do.  Some have managed to print out the one-sided (never make 2 sided knock-off cash, they seem to take that as a threat!)  play/fake money.  For others it's a fun challenge to try and retry....

I have now went all around the lovely land that is Google and found some hopefully easier to print faux money to be used for play or as a learning/practice tool.

(Just for fun, Jamie Sue's link from that earlier post will be tacked on at the bottom for you challenge-taking pleasure.)

This is a black and white collection and in theory one should have no trouble printing this.  It should be in no way considered "spendable" and thus should be fairly safe to print and in my opinion is still realistic enough for a student of most any age to grasp the concept of counting and/or learning about money. This is also one of the only sites that I found that has "change" in 1/2 dollar increments as well as $1 coins.

Here we find six "one dollar bills", one "five dollar bill" and an awesomely altered (they are all altered, but this one is funny) "ten dollar bill".  Some of us like our puppet characters more than others maybe, but Dr. Teeth from  Electric Mayhem's face on a 10 spot is cute to me!  Just good learning fun!

This one from education(dot)com was harder to grab pictures from but there is a nice colorful "change" sheet and the "cash" is blue-ish in color, but I think that it will still work for play or learn because it has the basics.  These two sheets are part of a 10 page download that includes many different worksheet and learning games.

And lastly, a link to an older post done by Jamie Sue: Free Printable Play Money....Beware


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