Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Made It With FPF Printables!

If you have made something super neat that came from one of our (Jamie's or Stephanie's) personal additions to the site, or any other craft/book/project that we may have linked you too and would like to have your handy work shown off them please drop me an email at and tell me a little about what's going on and show us a pic! :)

I personally tend to change up the projects that I start, not that the original plan that came with any said project was bad..I am just horrible at following directions!  So, the thing that you ended up  with (like so many of mine and for better or for worse) may be totally different from 10 other peoples projects done from the same download or page, etc..  Show us your work and we will share the love with the link that it came from! (I'll even hunt down the link for ya!)  :)

As bloggers, it's nice to know that people really do care about what we post, or at least use it.  Here at FPF we do post many of our own originals but surely we are out numbered by links to other blogs...we share the love all over the place!  Won't you take a second to show yours to?


P.S. Please mark the subject of the emails "FPF" so that I will not assume that I am being inbox is "Spam-a-Lot"...for real.

Posted by: Stephanie Corchado-C. of for Free Printable Fun

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