Saturday, June 7, 2014

Free Printable Teaching Shapes File Folder Games List For Summer Learning Fun

Well, Summer is officially here, most every school around this great nation of ours has let out for the year (or it will very soon!)

When I was a kid (a very long time ago, when we went play with dinosaurs) Summer Break was a time of chasing snakes at the creek and catching fire flies in a mason jar every night that wasn't rainy!  We stayed up late and we ate marshmallows from a stick that was held over a bonfire made from household waste (including the bathroom trash.)  Yep, good times!

Times are a'changing though.  While having good Summer fun is still on the top of my personal list, I also know that we can have fun while learning too!

I have a suggestion for the rainy days/evenings (sorry kidd-o's you can't play in the pool when there's lightening and fireflies don't come out on rainy evenings) instead of having a movie night (movie night is great, but why not exchange every other one), why not make it a game night and make the game an educational one!

There are free printable educational games all over this website and the entire internet!  FREE, I TELL YOU, FREE!   :)   (Sorry, I have to make my own fun.) Anyhow, I am listing some below, there is a theme and there aren't many of them.  My chosen theme was "learning shapes".  I did this because though there are hundreds of free, printable file folder games out there to teach everything! "learning shapes" was the hardest of all to find, and when I did find them there was a cat and mouse hunt to get through the seven (I jest, but several) links to find a game that someone had on Etsy anyway and was not free.  There were also some that it took the pages longer than 5 minutes to load (can't tell you how long they took after that..., I "x"ed out), and my internet speed is the fastest that I can get in my area and it's not sending you guys there...

Anyhow, here's my sadly short list:

(No kidding, I only found two that were decent and free and get-to-able, so I had to make one, so the first one is from my person site and it is of course bilingual.)

dvd player, basic shapes, shapes game, free shapes game
This one is a 6 page download with a 5 page game.  The first page has five shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle and triangle) with the names of the shapes in Spanish and English, the next four pages (one page is shown above) has identifiable pictures with shapes to match up with the shapes form page one.  The "shapes" from the later pages are also labeled in Sp/En for additional learning fun! 

Yay! I Made It Fun To Learn Shapes!

This one from Yay!, I Made It! is a two page download with basic and more advanced shapes.  Great for families with children of different ages or to use as a stepping-up game that grows with your child! (Also a great catch-me-back-up-before-school-starts-cause-my-brain-has-been-playing-outside game!)  :)

This game from They Call Me Granola has great basic-yet-fun shapes, and eye pleasing colors!  This is a little color heavy, but it's really lovely to look at and I am sure that it will be a real winner especially for those with pre-K or earlier players! :)  (Worth the ink in my book!)




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