Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RIP Big Blue Sissy Sue (My Lap Top)

(image snagged from imgace.com)

Well, my "Big Blue Sissy Sue" (my HP 2000 lap top) has gone to live in the great big crazy place where cheaply made, badly put together electronics go to live when they die.  (I think it's Arizona...not sure though...)

Sissy Sue was manufactured horribly and was stuffed with Windows 8; but she was not to blame for these things.  She tried to be a good computer, and she will be missed.

There will be no services held for her, but a box from UPS is on the way to collect her to make sure that she makes it back to the warranty place safely...or Arizona...or where ever the big brown truck takes her for her finally resting.  Good bye my fair weather friend! Via con Dios,  so long, farewell, alvederzane, goodbye.

So, long story short; I will not be posting until my computer is either miraculously fixed or (more than likely) replaced.  Jamie may be popping in to post, but I don't know how much time she is going to be having for this right now.  So, I am sorry for the inconvenience and please watch for us to be back up and posting anew real soon!

**The site will remain up and running, I just won't be able to add new posts. :(**

Stephanie Corchado-C.

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