Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back-To-School Special! Free Printable Backpack Slip-in Tags!

Here's one that is near and dear to mine own heart!

 There are six of these per page.  Print as many pages as you need.  My thought was that maybe they should be placed front to back if your child's pack (or lunch box or maybe even coat zipper) has a tag holder with two clear sides.  But feel free to tape them, staple, put them in a baggy and glue them to anything that needs a label for this up-coming school year! :)  Monkey Tags

These are from my (Stephanie's) home blog over at Life In Engspanol.  They feature both English and Spanish together on the same tag.  There are two sets, one that is more for young men and one that was created with young ladies in mind.  However, feel free to print of any that your child may like, there is no true gender rules when it comes to a youngsters likings!

Bilingual Tags

I thought that these were pretty nifty for our more mature youths.

Teen tags from Cul-de-sac COOL

And these are about the coolest that I could find for a teenage guy...I guys you can tell that I am not one...I had no clue!  Regardless, these are totally epic! (I hope that they are cool enough..*eek*)

Personalize Your Own Star Wars Tag 


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