Monday, July 21, 2014

Bluesday Tuesday, Let's Make It Smurfy*!

(Smurfs* to the best of my knowledge are owned by I.M.P.S. If this information is incorrect I am truly sorry and will gladly correct my mistake given the proper copyright holder's name.)

Today I was feeling kind of, I am making a "blue" post.  To be honest; I am no longer feeling blue. Thank you Pierre Culliford aka Peyo (Smurf's/Schtoumpf's creator) from making this Bluesday a little smurfier for me! :)

I want to start out today with a link that leads you to a full page of printable Smurf goodness.  I am showing just a few pictures of the paper crafts from this list from below.  This is not a complete picture list, there are so to many to post all of the pictures, and since they are all on the same page there is only one link to follow to find these wondrous projects of joy I shall just tease you with some pics and hope that you follow suite and see them all for yourselves! :)

BlueBuddies Awesome Paper Crafts and Stuff Link

Yes, now you can be the prettiest lady Smurf!

This is just awesome!

Who's up for finger puppet fun?

This next set will have several direct links to help you get to the printables stuffs that I favored over at (the official Smurf website)  and one link that I just really liked from that site, which is the history of Peyo (the creator of these blue friends.)

History of the Smurf's Peyo

Coloring Pages (this one has Nat, I just love the Smurflings!)
(It's a PDF file and I can't grab a pic to show you...but it's really awesome coloring page and it has friends!)

Cut-out picture frame/mat featuring Brainy Smurf being pinched by a crab! :)

Connect-the-dots Smurf riding on Puppy sheet (also PDF)


Now onto wrapping paper...and who doesn't like Smurf wrapping papers?!?! (I could only find one for free...but it is CUTE!)

Smurfy Present Wrapping Paper from Family Shopping Bag

But where are the Smurf-tastic games?!?!..Oh!, here they are! (I knew I'd find them somewhere..)

The Party Animal-Blog's "Brainy Smurfs Quiz"  (PDF)

Brainy's glasses cut-out to wear while playing this game!
(note: these were not really Brainy's glasses, but they look like it and will work...they are actually the glasses of a young wizard with a odd scar on his forehead.....)

One sheet, eight page mini Smurf color sheet from Family Shopping Bag

The Party Mall's seemingly impossible mushroom maze titled "SMURFS"

Here's hours lost to a good cause..right? ;)

And now to end the "blues" for is a paper hat. It is very Smurfy...and it will make other people smile when you wear it! (or laugh at you...but that's happiness..right!??!)

Smurfy hat from the Family Shopping Bag (don't let the name scare you, it's free)

Now go forth and have yourself a very Smurfy Bluesday! :)

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