Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free Printable Beware of Dog Signs

Well, Summer is here and people are outside being people (well, I'm not.  I am not big on the outside when it's hot!)

Folks will be hanging out on the streets, kids poking fingers though fences, all kinds of things to aggravate your poor pooch in her/his own yard!

I figured that I would try to help this situation by offering a list of some of the free printable "Beware of Dog" signs that I found just loafing around the greater world wide web area (not aggravating your dog(s)!)

(I made the first two...because I wanted too....but you can still find them running around the www...)

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This BILINGUAL "BEWARE OF DOG" SIGN is from Life in Engspanol (the blog that I ((Stephanie)) call home.)  This link also has a very generic tutorial for "laminating" printable signs using freezer bags.

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This CRAZY MAN-EATING POOCH SIGN is only available here at Free Printable Fun.  It's sassy and scary and funny, but mostly it's just creepy!  The funny slogan is cute, but hopefully children will be so put off by the really ugly dog picture that it will serve it's purpose!

This VERY OFFICIAL LOOKING GUARD DOG SIGN is the most classic sign in this list.  I couldn't get a direct link to the free PDF, but it's easy to find.  Click the link and scroll down until you see the picture listed here...click the print button.

How classy and professionally made does this BLACK AND WHITE BEWARE OF DOG SIGN look?!?!  This project will not take a lot of colored ink...really.  It looks almost elegant.  Nicely done Hoover Web Design!

Eye catching, isn't it?  This PLAINLY STATED "BEWARE OF DOG" SIGN  looks really great and kind of 3-D.  See it to believe how awesome it looks!  Thanks Print Free!

COMICAL AND TO THE POINT this sign is cute.  I hope that it doesn't draw more kids with ear-pulling mitts than not, but it is noticeable!  Hopefully eye-balling parents will see it first and take note!  (Maybe it should be placed at adult eye-level if possible.)  I would use it, but as I mentioned, I would place it for adult eyes mostly...up high-ish!

This was my awesome-fluke find.  At first I thought that it wouldn't pertain to my subject...but oh it does!  This can be a warning to other dog owners that your dog owns this poo-poo patch and that he/she won't tolerate TRESPOOPERS!  Take it or leave it...I LOVE it!  


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