Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She (Big Blue Sissy Sue) Lives!

Hi!  Did you miss us (Sissy and me?)  We are back!  Sissy Sue has been cured of her woes and did not have to meet her maker (Not really HP, they made her but they didn't want her back, but the great "maker" that resides in Arizona...or where ever...) And she is as good as she ever was.  That's not really saying much, but I sure am glad to have her home! :)

Now, it is time to jump in and help Jamie Sue (the sister, not Sissy Sue the computer) get this place tidied up and going full force again!

Thanks to all of you who have stuck by us through this and kept coming back, and a HUGE thank you to Jimmy...You are awesome Jimmy!  Not only are you the sweetest, hunkiest computer knowledgeable guy I ever did are also very handy to have around.  (Hotness all the way!) :)  Seriously though, you have been great, I am so glad that you are hear with us on this!  Gracias!

Look for my newest post in about 2 hours..LOL..(It's has to do with trains...YAY!)


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