Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Printable DIY Tarot Card Blank Template And More

Tarot card blanks for creating your own.  The colorful sadness that you see under the blanks are only an example.  They are a very sad example.  For the blanks that you can fully decorate and load with your own images in Photo Shop or similar program (I use because it is free) simply click the link you see here TAROT BLANKS.

Here are a few things that I found from around the great land of the internet (not blanks, but maybe of some interest since you are here.)

Here are some color-your-own tarot cards from Karen's Whimsy.

Here is a how-to on making your very own tarot non-video step-by-step tutorial from Cosmic Faery's Tarot.

Here is a tutorial on how to make jewelry from old tarot cards.

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